Quality business requirements and successful software projects are not the sole responsibility of the business analysis role.  Rather, quality requirements are the result of collaboration from four categories of stakeholders: Producer, Supplier, Receiver, and Supporter.  As a total-solution oriented approach, Requirements Quest developed role-based training to roll-out and support the implementation and execution of a requirements management process.

As an IIBA® Endorsed Education Provider (Charter Member), Requirements Quest’s unique role-based training can help you not only implement better practices, but can help you to sustain those practices.  While training “just in time” is often an excellent approach, we believe that “just enough” for all involved roles helps the team attain a consistent interpretation of the requirements and consequently deliver better systems.

  • Adapting Requirements Practices for Agile Projects

    This interactive course helps the attendee to transition from traditional software development to an agile approach.

  • Executive Overview

    Implementing and sustaining a requirements management process is dependent on the Supporters.  This special 2-hour session is designed to educate management (at all levels) on what exactly they are asking people to do, and specifically how management is going to support the process.  A detailed session outline is available upon request.

  • Requirements Modeling Made Easy

    Using a levels-of-detail approach (business, user, and system-level requirements), this fast-paced, 1-day workshop demystifies requirements modeling.  It is highly effective in increasing the communication capabilities of the Producer, Supplier, and Receiver roles.

  • Requirements Workshops That Work (Facilitation)

    This interactive, 1-day course helps Producers turn requirements-gathering meetings into deliverable-producing workshops.  Well-facilitated workshops are known to reduce requirements-gathering time by as much as 40 percent.

  • The Quest for Excellent Requirements - Producer

    This 3-day intensive, activity-based course provides the structure and techniques necessary for the “Requirements Producer” to competently elicit and document quality requirements.

  • The Quest for Excellent Requirements – Overview

    Intended for Suppliers and Receivers, this 1-day workshop provides an overview of the entire requirements management process with an emphasis on involving users and effective validation of requirements. The goal is for attendees to gain a high-level understanding of requirements and the benefits of the requirements management process, as well as understanding their role in contributing to the process.